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Fast, Reliable, Honest, and Affordable Junk Removal and Demolition

Lumberjack Hauling & Junk Removal is a local, family-owned junk removal company. We are fully licensed and insured and can provide a certificate of insurance upon request. We make it our mission to provide professional and reliable junk removal services for a price most people can afford. This whole thing started in 2020 when our family needed some things around the house removed. When we began to search around, we were immediately shocked by the prices that many reputable junk removal companies were offering us. We didn’t think we had all that much trash, and we were being charged an arm and a leg.

And to top it off, when we called them back to get rid of some more junk, they declined the work. We were appalled, they wouldn’t take a few bricks and concrete, nor would they touch our mattress that had been left out in the rain. They wouldn’t even discuss pricing for hauling away our son’s old rickety play structure. That’s when our family decided to start an all-encompassing full-service junk removal company. A company that wouldn’t only go above and beyond when it comes to hauling away household junk, but would also get involved with the dirty, disgusting, and difficult jobs that other companies are scared to take.

We take great pride in being the one-stop shop for all of our valued customers’ junk removal needs. That is how we coined our marketing slogan that you see printed on our trucks in big letters: Don’t Want It? We’ll Haul It! Perfectly describes what we do. We love being the company that our customers can trust to take on almost any kind of dirty, disgusting, or difficult job. We make it convenient and easy for our clients by doing what other junk-hauling companies won’t.

We are proud to serve residential and commercial clients. All the way from Pasadena to Rancho Cucamonga, down to the City of Industry. Our friendly staff are trained to be professional and courteous. We always handle unwanted items with care to ensure none of our valued customer’s property is ever damaged. What really sets our team apart from many of the other junk removal companies is our willingness to get our hands dirty! We take on a variety of different hauling jobs such as hauling away old moldy disgusting build-up.

Lumberjack Demolition

You name it, we remove it, and will gladly put it in our truck and haul it away for you. We even remove brick, concrete, asphalt, and dirt. Last, but certainly not least, you cannot forget to ask us about our demolition services. There is nothing in the world that our team loves more than using our saw to cut up an old broken-down hot tub, play structure, or an entire shed. We pride ourselves on taking on every kind of hauling project you throw our way. For more heavy-duty demolition projects, requiring a licensed demolition contractor, please refer to our sister company: Lumberjack Demolition. Please visit where you can inquire about our professional, licensed, and insured demolition contracting.

Don’t Want It? We’ll Haul It!

We will haul anything except for paints and toxic chemicals. We will, however, take empty paint cans and chemical containers.

We take pride in our customer service. We go above and beyond to ensure that our clients are completely happy by the time we leave your doorstep. We come with the proper tools and equipment in order to efficiently get rid of all of your unwanted junk. From huge pieces of furniture to grody household trash, we have you covered. The Lumberjack crew doesn’t leave until the entire area is completely swept up and brought back to its original form. Schedule a haul away of a single item, or full property cleanup and experience stress-free junk removal. Don’t Want It? We’ll Haul It!

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